Top 10 Best Auto Clean Chimneys in India 2018

Top 10 Best Auto Clean Chimneys in India 2018

Top in 10 India list of best auto clean kitchen chimneys is the dependable list to be referred to before deciding to buy any auto clean kitchen chimney Online in India. Because you can have so many types and models of Auto Clean Chimneys in market from a large number of brands online, it could be quite complicated when it comes to choosing the right one.

Auto Clean Chimneys

This list provides the most popular top best auto clean kitchen chimney chosen by people and the ones you can also trust. If you are auto clean kitchen chimney to choose from the endless list of products, you should refer this trusted list to make the right choice.

Here you will find the best selling best auto clean kitchen chimney in India list that is going to make it simpler for you to choose the best one for yourself.

Auto Clean kitchen chimneys and the first to have introduced auto clean technology in india, has yet again emerged with a latest innovation in auto clean chimneys.

Here are the details of the Kutchina Auto Clean Opul Black Chimney

These are an effective way of removing smoke due to cooking from your kitchen. They typically are better than wear out fans as they suck the smoke immediately and presence of several international brands like Elica, Faber, Glen and Gilma give various options at suitable prices.

It saves the ceiling above the cooking area to get damaged and also smoke dispersal to other rooms.

They come in two types – traditional and designer. The traditional ones are a utility removing smoke. The designer ones on the other hand also enhance the decor of the kitchen.

There are two types of Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney 2017-Top in 10 India

  • Based on installation
  • Wall-mounted

This is located against the wall with the cook top adjacent to the wall on the counter top. This is located in the middle of the room; this is typically meant for island kitchens. The ducting will need to be done from the ceiling. Corner It will extend along the walls; the cook top is located in the corner between them.

The cook top is located beneath a wall-unit.

Avoid buying chimneys made of wood as these can catch fire.
Grease filter
Mesh filter

The aluminum mesh filter also known as aluminum cassette filter is made of several layers of aluminum mesh for effective purification. The mesh retains the grease particles in the fumes. This filter can be washed by hand. The aluminum mesh filters contain very small holes and small particles like measles and oil can form a coating and block the filters and stop suction. Because of this reason, mesh filters are not very useful in Indian conditions.

Baffle filter

Baffle filters separate oil and spices from smoke. Thus they are useful in Indian conditions as the suction power does not get affected due to oil and spices. They are more effective than mesh filters and cleaning the filters is also very easy.

Materials of Baffle filter

The baffle filters are available in stainless steel or aluminum. Aluminum filters are lighter than steel and hence easier to handle. However, aluminum baffles may rattle, or even be drawn back into the hood. Also, you should be careful when cleaning an aluminum baffle. as most caustic solutions can and will scar, burn or even melt the aluminum.